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Communication Matters!

When in a technical field of work one might think the technology offered or employed will cut the mustard. Technology alone cannot win hearts and minds. It helps, but it’s not the only factor that makes customers come back for more. 

Are The Positive Growth Trends in The Construction Industry Threatened by Geopolitical Changes?

It seems that the long-term forecast of developments in the field of construction in Europe and the United States, is all in all positive.

Let Technology Help Your Business Run Itself

These days, anyone who claims their business “runs itself” most likely owes it to a magic pill called technology. Of course, when we say technology, we mean a small army of apps and gadgets that work tirelessly like a swarm of bees, even when you are...

5 Things You Can Do Before They Even Ask

How many times have you wondered what makes for a happy business relationship? Well, I don’t know about you, but I am wondering all the time, which made me come up with a few conclusions, based on my so far experience.

Would You Dare to Go on The Offensive in The Style of Rick Grimes?

At some point in its life cycle, every company faces a difficult question: Should they go on the offensive and obliterate their competitors, or are they better off playing defense and protecting existing revenues, assets and operating...

5 Tips and Tricks to Boosting Your Production Capacity

Many business owners often assume that a production plan is a mere set of guidelines that covers a large scope and a wide variety of activities to ensure that all your resources are available when and where they are needed the most at any given time.

How to Reach a Competitive Advantage in Business?

By its definition, competitiveness is the ability to offer products and services that meet the quality standards of local and world markets at prices that are competitive and to provide adequate returns on the resources employed or consumed in...

Women, You’re Not Doing It Wrong!

Do women really have to act like men to succeed in business? Does working hard really go unnoticed unless you work on self-promotion at the same time? Have women been doing it wrong all this time, and if they have... Why?

The Express Appeal: What Makes or Breaks An Express Service?

On vacations, everyone is in their "relax and chillax" mode. So, in a place where a couple of colleagues of mine and I were "chillaxing" we often greeted the morning by walking along this lovely beach, packed with a long line of food stalls -...

How to Honor Time Commitments in Construction?

The very nature of the construction industry dictates a great number of small and medium sized companies that have direct involvement in design and construction of a project. This further implies that successful completion of a project relies...

Contractors, Let Time Be on Your Side!

OK. Let's be honest in the construction industry time is never on anyone's side, as delays are lurking at every corner. They happen due to many factors, whether of internal or external character. There are things one simply cannot control, such as...

Revolutionary Ways of How Not to Get Lost in Construction Details

It goes without saying that construction projects can be a tad overwhelming at times. The construction industry is very fragmented and projects are often divided into segments that are subcontracted to individual companies. The most complex...

Quality Rebar Detailing Should Be Every Contractor’s Concern

Just as every little detail matters when solving a puzzle, that’s how rebar detailing is important when it comes to reinforced concrete structures. It is simple. Design and structural analysis, accompanied by adequate reinforcement detailing and proper...

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